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Why Choose Gracilis Bamboo?

Wholesale Slender Weavers Bamboo in Sydney - Gracilis Bamboo Sydney


What makes us different at Gracilis Bamboo Sydney is that we specialise in growing ONLY Slender Weavers Bamboo (Bambusa textilis var. Gracilis), the #1 screening bamboo that gives you privacy from the next door neighbours, so you can be assured of getting the highest quality screening bamboo in Sydney and the Metro Region at a great price.

We also pride ourselves on our customer service, we only see people on an individual basis, ensuring that we take our time and give our valued customers the very best in service, planting tips, advice and maintenance information.

The Vertical Screen Plant – Buy Best Quality Privacy Screening Bamboo In Sydney

Viewing and pick up is by appointment only,  please call Peter on 0425 317 395.  Please try and take some photos of the area that you would like screened from the neighbours before making a booking as we can give you some free consultation and advice, this service alone could cost you a pretty penny and you get it for FREE.   

Special Offer


If you buy 10 or more 200mm or 300mm bamboo pots, delivery is FREE throughout the Sydney Metropolitan Area. 


Most people plant at 1 meter centres to achieve a quick bushy screen so you will need around 10 bamboos for a 10 meter fence line.

PLEASE NOTE:  You need to call and make an appointment to view the plants to make sure we have the stock you require.

What's so special about Gracilis Bamboo


Gracilis also known by it's common name Slender Weavers or Slender Weaver Bamboo is the go to Screening Bamboo for Sydney and for very good reasons:

  • Gracilis will grow where most other plants struggle, in a narrow bed of just 50cm, it is the non-invasive bamboo being the clumping variety and not the feared running bamboo.

  • Gracilis, The Vertical Screening Plant takes up very little of your precious garden space due to it's upright growth habit.

  • Slender Weavers will give you a brilliant screen from your neighbours or hide an ugly view in as little as 18 months if you plant one of our 200mm pots that have a very well developed root system.

  • It is hardy once established and can tolerate cold to -12 degrees

  • It is pest and disease free

  • It can serve as a wind break, noise barrier and erosion control

  • Grows to approximately 6-8 meters in Sydney depending on conditions (growth can be controlled in diameter and in height)

  • Gracilis makes a very dense hedge and is compact

  • It's evergreen so looks great year round (beautiful as an ornamental plant)

  • Produces lots of new shoots during the growing season (October – April)

  • Would you like an extra 30% oxygen from your screening bamboo?

  • What about some shade in the scorching suburban back yard?

  • There are many more benefits to planting a screening clumping bamboo (Slender Weavers, the non-invasive variety) but the above should win over even the biggest opponents of the much misunderstood bamboo.

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