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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can You Deliver and How Much is Delivery?
    Yes, we sure can. Delivery to Sydney Metro is $100. You can easily fit the 200mm pots in a standard sized sedan and 300mm pots in a hatchback type vehicle should you wish to pick up the plants. If you have a Ute it's important to cover the bamboo plants by wrapping it in a plastic material to protect it from the wind. If delivery is outside the Sydney Metro area please call for a quote.
  • Any Free Delivery?
    Yes! When you buy 10 or more 200mm or 300mm pots of Gracilis Bamboo you get FREE delivery Sydney wide.
  • How Do I Work Out How Many Bamboos I Should Plant?
    Firstly, measure the area that needs to be covered and screened and the available planting area. Simply measure the length by the width, for example 10 meters long fence line x 1.5 meters wide from the fence line being available as the planting surface area. In this particular example, you have different options to cover the 10 meters and achieve the screen that you want. Most people that wish to have a quick and bushy dense screen opt to plant the bamboos at 1 meter centers (1 meter intervals between the plants in the ground). If you have a large area to cover like 50 – 100 meters you may wish to consider planting at 1.5 meter or even 2 meter intervals which will save you a fair amount of money. The screen won't be as dense however but you should achieve slightly higher growth.
  • Can We View Your Gracilis Bamboo?
    Of course! All we ask is that you first make a booking please as we like to see our customers one at a time so as to answer your individual questions that you may have and to provide you the best service possible. Please call Peter on 0425 317 395 and we'll happily fit you in to a time suitable for you.
  • How Quickly Can You Deliver?
    The sooner you order the sooner you'll get your Bamboo. We try and deliver within one to two days of receiving the order, we believe in super fast delivery where we can.
  • Can I Plant Any Time of The Year?
    Yes, you can, however if you plant in winter the plants won't do much and they'll take a bit longer to establish. The best time to plant is in Spring but planting in Autumn, Summer or Winter will be just fine. If you can manage to plant just before a big rain would be good for the bamboos also and save you on some watering.
  • Should I Bring Photos With Me?
    Yes, we strongly suggest that you bring some clear photos on your mobile or iPad of the area that you wish to have screened. This will make it much easier to give you suggestions and advice that will best suit your backyard, front garden, fence perimeter or site.
  • Will You Give Me Planting and Maintenance Advice?
    Yes, for sure! This is the main reason that we like to see our valued customers on a one to one individual basis so that we can answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Our customers will get a two page 'Planting and Maintenance Guide'.
  • Should I Put In A Bamboo Root Barrier?
    Even though we only sell the non-invasive, tight clumping Slender Weavers, we normally recommend installing a root barrier if you're planting along a neighbouring fence. It's unlikely but possible that the odd shoot emerges on the other side of the fence line. You can use sleepers on the fence perimeter or install a HDPE root barrier. We normally stock root barrier available in a 10 meter roll.
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